69-Year-Old Cancer Patient Sent to Prison over Jan. 6 Charge

Earlier this year, a 69-year-old cancer patient and grandmother was sentenced to two months in prison for allegedly entering the US Capitol Building during the events of Jan. 6.

Video posted to social media on Tuesday showed Pam Hemphill outside of the prison before the 69-year-old began her sentence. Hemphill, a substance abuse counselor fighting breast cancer, maintained that while she was “scared to death,” she had faith that her situation would eventually improve.

“Just keep your faith, that no matter what’s going on in your life, God’s with us,” Hemphill said. “No matter what’s happening to us — it’s gonna be okay in our lives.”

“Just lean on God and just do what’s right, and help make this country better again and support all those that are right now locked up,” she added. “And the Jan. 6 people that are not getting any trials. God bless you all.”

Hemphill was first arrested in August 2021. In January, she plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of demonstrating, parading, or picketing in the Capitol Building. Judge Royce Lamberth then sentenced Hemphill to 60 days in prison, 3 years of probation following her release and $500 in restitution.

Despite the guilty plea, Hemphill maintained in an interview that she hadn’t demonstrated inside the Capitol and that she had been pushed into the building by protesters behind her. She also said the guilty plea was advised by her attorney.

“But if that’s what they wanted me to plead guilty to, so I thought okay, my lawyer advised me,” Hemphill said.

On Thursday, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed outrage that a 69-year-old cancer patient would be sent to prison while other criminals walked free. Greene called the situation “outrageous” and called on President Joe Biden to grant Hemphill clemency.

“I’m appalled beyond words,” Greene tweeted. “How many rioters whose criminal chargers were eventually dropped did Kamala & Omar bail out jail?”

“This is completely out of control!” Greene continued. “Judge Lambert sent a 69 yr old cancer patient to jail because of another woman’s statements on Fox News that he let off. This is OUTRAGEOUS!”