A ‘Clown Show’ Afghanistan Meeting About Afghanistan Withdrawal

It is not surprising that an Administration searching to establish a positive narrative about anything would attempt to hide more bad news about the Afghanistan withdrawal. Senator Josh Hawley expressed his frustration at the Administration holding hearings on the militarily incompetent retreat behind closed doors, saying it was a ‘joke’ and a total ‘clown show.’

Not allowing the public to be involved in the hearings disrespects the memories of the 13 service members killed during the messed-up withdrawal. Americans need to hear our leaders explain why they left billions of dollars behind for the Taliban. Americans need to hear why we allowed many of our Afghan allies, who assisted us over the last 20 years at great risk to themselves and their families, to fend for themselves in the inevitable purge.

Furthermore, answers need to be given on how thousands of military-aged Afghan males were transported to locations across the US with little or no vetting. It would also behoove the Administration to explain why when it discarded the Trumps exit plan, it did not seem to produce a new detailed plan to take its place, other than simply telling the entire US armed forces to run to the airport.

No doubt that even if they had public hearings, there would be zero accountability for all involved. The sons and daughters of America pay the price while our feckless politicians play at foreign policy like it is a ‘Virtual Game of Risk.’ That said, politicians are human beings, and human beings make mistakes.

Sometimes, in the light of a public hearing, they say what they think. For example, Hillary Clinton’s “What difference does it make?” disgrace during the public Benghazi hearings. She was never held responsible, but the American people got to see a genuine side. One can only hope that our current crop of politicians is forced to endure the same light for the Afghanistan debacle.