A Ray Of Hope In These Dark Times

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when constantly dissecting politics all day long. Everything from both sides of the aisle is scripted, scrutinized and dissected to such a granular level you start to think the entire world revolves around arguing. And then something like this organically floats out of the ether and reminds you that it does not have to be that way.

Now I did not know that Charlotte had a soccer team. I mean, who watches soccer anyway? At least 75,479 people do because that is how many people were singing the national anthem at the game. The crowd set a record for Major League Soccer attendance. It is essential to know that so many people were there because you know that means it was the most politically diverse crowd ever, just according to its size and yet, they were singing together in unison. They gathered around the pitch to enjoy something they all agreed on and appreciated. There was a common ground.

Can we people find common ground when it comes to America? A recent poll said that if the United States were invaded, Republicans and Independents would stay and fight, while 52 percent of Democrats would leave. Now I am as cynical as the next guy on your average Democrat, but I have a tough time believing that poll.

When you answer a survey question, you are alone with your prejudices. Whatever your current feelings about America are, they are played out in a yes or no answer. What you are not doing is standing next to your neighbor, who is vocally deciding to stay. You see, courage is contagious. Furthermore, the American spirit lies dormant in all of us. It permeates our cells whether we like it or not.

That American spirit took up most of the people in the Charlotte stadium because they were together with a common cause. Trust me, if someone invaded America, there would be a common cause. People band together in times of war. How do I know this? Because even President Joe Biden’s numbers are rising and I thought that would take a miracle (Sorry, I could not help myself). When push comes to shove, we will stand together. We always have.