A Scooby-Doo Video Game Update Take A Shot At Policing

The United States continues to live with the fallout of demonizing police. Many officers have decided to cut their losses and retire amid the rise of anti-police sentiment.

Others who remain on the job are more vulnerable to attacks during their working hours, while also being maligned by Democratic leaders in power.

As policing in America remains under fire, crime is on the rise. To make matters even worse, bail has been slashed, meaning many criminals whom police do take into custody end up right back on the streets again within hours or days.

Today, anti-police sentiment is so pervasive that it’s made its way into the video game industry.

The End of Scooby-Doo as We Know It
MultiVersus is a video game that has many characters from different fictional universes. One of those characters just so happens to be Velma from the famous, much-loved Scooby-Doo series.

Unfortunately, MultiVersus recently determined that Velma will no longer be able to call police on African-American characters in the game.

Despite Scooby-Doo’s characters’ history of calling the police on criminals of all races on the show, MultiVersus determined that yanking this feature from Velma’s character was the appropriate course of action.

Apparently, the video game company made the call to pull the plug on this feature after a handful of players raised issues.

A Bigger Problem in Society
Some people may question what the big deal is, in light of MultiVersus being a video game and Velma being a fictional character. However, the decision of MultiVersus further perpetuates a dangerous, anti-police narrative that’s already far too pervasive in society.

If leaders, activists, politicians, and now video games continue jumping on the anti-law enforcement bandwagon, this will further add to the stigmatization of police.

Stigmatizing police amid record upticks in crime, low to no bail laws, and offenders being released from jail is only opening this country up to disaster.

Anti-police sentiment will also undoubtedly put a damper on police recruitment levels. In the long term, this could mean future generations are less safe than those who came before them.

Naturally, this will be a field day for criminals who’ll know they’re much more likely to get away with breaking the law and harming others.