A “Wicked Christmas Eve” As The Myanmar Military SLAUGHTERS Men, Women, And Children

Rather than celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in Myanmar (formerly Burma), a military crackdown wiped out 30 people in the Asian country. This group of men, women, and children were killed last week. In eastern Mo So in the Hpruso municipality in Kayah, Myanmar refugees take shelter from a military bent on their destruction.

The US Secretary of State has criticized the nation and military. He called it Burma, rejecting the changes to the nation that took place in the military coup of 1988. Myanmar armed forces put down pro-democracy protests and affirmed its name as the nation of Myanmar rather than the people of Burma.

One massacre that took place was the destruction of part of the refugee camps on the western edge of the town. A government newspaper claims a battle between the military and ethnic guerrilla forces known as the Karenni National Progressive Party.

The government attempted to bring peace and stability to a destabilized area, according to the military. But the fact is that 30 people were butchered and their bodies set ablaze. An observer who addressed the AP said the remaining bodies were scorched to the point of being indistinguishable. Their clothes, clinical supplies, and food were taken as booty from the raid. The witness said that the bodies were tied with ropes before being set ablaze.

He didn’t see when they were killed yet believed they were Mo So residents who got captured by troops on Friday. He claimed that these people were not part of coordinated local militia gatherings.

Myanmar’s local media investigated and found that the military captured at least 10 Mo So residents, including children. Four individuals from the nearby paramilitary Border Guard Forces tried to negotiate their release but were stopped and shot in the head by the military.

Myanmar’s political crisis is taking place because of the failures of the democratically elected government to deal with the refugee emergency. It is now an all-out conflict between ethnic groups in opposition to one another. Some refugees are now joining the renegades, and many citizens are aligned with the junta.

Like many countries without an organized election and legal system, the military controls the country of Myanmar. Through extortion, corruption, and an iron fist, they keep the international press’s information about the refugee crisis as much as possible. Military actions have accelerated this bloodbath. The two sides will use the Christmas Eve slaughter as evidence that a negotiated peace is impossible.

Now the USA is pressing for an arms embargo against the Asian nation in response to the Christmas Eve Massacre. Two aid workers who the NGO Save employs the Children were killed during this attack.