ABC Photo Falsely Shows AOC and Ilhan Omar in Handcuffs

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) faked being handcuffed as they were escorted by police away from a pro-abortion rally in front of the Supreme Court.

In a video that’s gone viral, police escort AOC and Omar away from the rally. Their hands were behind their back as if they were handcuffed, but it quickly became apparent that they weren’t handcuffed at all.

As AOC was being escorted away, she miraculously escaped her make-believe handcuffs and threw up a “Black Power” fist. Capitol Police said that they arrested a total of 35 individuals, including 17 lawmakers, during the protest. Typically, these situations require handcuffs or zip-tie hand restraints that disallow a person from resisting or becoming a threat to law enforcement. Because of that, why weren’t they handcuffed?

ABC News was immediately confused about the incident. They tweeted, “JUST IN: Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and other House Democrats arrested in abortion rights protest at the Supreme Court.”

ABC News included pictures of AOC and Omar with their hands behind their backs as if they were handcuffed, but the article that they shared mentioned that there were no handcuffs seen.

ABC News reported, “Officers at the Supreme Court told the protesters that they were participating in ‘illegal demonstration activity’ before advising anyone who didn’t want to get arrested to leave, which sparked singing and chanting from the group. Officers then began arresting the demonstrators, though no handcuffs were seen. Police also collected IDs and took pictures of those arrested — including of some of the lawmakers — and brought water to the staging area for protesters to drink.”

There are a few additional problems with the article.

When ABC reported, “Police also collected IDs and took pictures of those arrested — including of some of the lawmakers,” does ABC assume that the lawmakers should be treated differently?

The other issue is that it implies that some lawmakers weren’t required to give their IDs. None of the lawmakers who were arrested are locals in Washington, DC. In order to charge someone with a crime, even a ticket, you have to have their information such as their full name, date of birth, address, etc.

Because of the tweet and article, ABC got destroyed on Twitter.

Tim young replied, “What a complete f—ing lie with angles on these photos to make it look like they are cuffed. And they wonder why they’re called fake news.”

Dinesh D’Souza replied, “It all started with the pretend handcuffs. Now it’s time for the media lies to kick in. No surprise @ABC is leading the pack.”