Al Sharpton Rails on “Elites” Ignoring Violent Crime and Inflation

MSNBC host Al Sharpton went after Washington D.C. “elites” and “limousine liberals” on Monday as being tone deaf to the main street issues of violent crime and soaring inflation.

Sharpton extolled the basic conservatism of voters as compared to the “blind spot” of liberal politicians. The reverend rattled off a list that includes Black voters, Hispanic voters, and Asian-American voters in warning ‘White woke leaders” that these groups are basically conservative. They are further to the right, Sharpton said, on everything from crime and education to “these woke issues” that the left embraces.

Proving once again that if a person lives long enough they will see everything, the radical firebrand has become more mainstream in recent years. Sharpton, suddenly recast as a pragmatist, said the left is losing people of color by acting like violent crime is not an issue when 12-year-olds are getting killed.

“Beltway elitists,” as Sharpton called them, don’t live in the real world and understand that ordinary people need gas to get to work. The typical American family is now forced to absorb an additional $2,000 in additional costs due to higher gas prices alone. That doesn’t factor in food, housing, and other sectors contributing to inflation that is higher than at any time since 1981.

Instead of the obvious solution of increasing domestic supply, the Biden administration is raising ethanol levels in gas this summer. Instead of locking up violent criminals, the White House is regulating gun parts.

President Joe Biden has incrementally imposed gun control measures through executive action, including this week’s announcement of the “ghost guns” measure. While deciding to target the instruments rather than the criminals, the president said his actions “should be just the start” and implored Congress to go further with gun control.

It is far simpler to blame the gun for violent crime rather than the people pulling the trigger. Previous bans, including that in 1994 on so-called “assault weapons,” have had nearly immeasurable effects on gun violence even by the Department of Justice’s own study.

The Reverend Al Sharpton as the voice of reason is an image that will take time to adjust to, but he is 100% right in his assessment of elites and their disconnect with middle America. And if his Democrats do not shed their woke priorities and attack the real issues facing the country, there is a ballot box reckoning coming in a few short months.