Alejandro Mayorkas Tells Illegal Immigrants To “Ignore” US Laws And “Lie” To The State Department

What good is Homeland Security when you do nothing to protect the nation? Secretary of DHS Alejandro Mayorkas has disdain for this nation and its leadership. The Biden-Harris maladministration is in disarray as members at the Cabinet-level work at cross purposes.

Illegal immigrants who turn themselves into the Border Patrol get free dinners, lodging, and transportation to wherever they want to go, or more accurately, wherever DHS flack wants to send them. They do not abide by the “Notice to Appear” or “Notice to Report.” Instead, they run from ICE and hide in the shadows, operating in black markets. Only 40% of illegal immigrants attend their hearings.

But Mayorkas has told illegal immigrants to avoid Border Patrol. When they start working according to him, they can overlook the IRS. There is no apprehension for immigrants about extradition in this joke of a White House. It appears that unlawful presence in the United States will not be a reason for deportation.

Mayorkas is running the department in charge of dealing with illegal immigrants. He lied and proposed that illegal immigrants who break into the nation are not deportable. He wants to exercise prosecutorial discretion with an entire class of criminal behavior. One man has decided to rewrite the law and the enforcement mechanisms practically. He wants to proclaim that illegals who avoid prison will not be ousted. Even minor crimes will not get them expelled. Extradition has all but been eliminated from DHS’s repertoire.

Mayorkas even allows murders who should face the threat of removal to stay in the country. The Washington Times reported that DHS demanded a stay of removal be lifted for a criminal. In Texas, an illegal immigrant drove drunk, killed a female high school student, and ran away from the scene.

Heriberto Fuerte-Padilla, the killer, is in jail. Alejandro Mayorkas issued new rules, and now Fuerte-Padilla doesn’t qualify a critical case for deportation. So he will continue to reside at taxpayer expense in the already overcrowded prison system.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement let Texas know that it was dropping extradition. Criminals who avoid capture, drive drunk, deal drugs, or conduct terroristic threats are not considered a threat. Even if they harm or kill someone, they are not deported in many cases.

Mayorkas said the murders like Fuerte-Padilla are a protected class. The State Department and Border Patrol will not kick them out of this country thanks to Mayorkas’ failed and horrible leadership. Getting rid of Mayorkas will only mean that another lackey will take his place and implement the same Democrat policy.

We need legal reforms and prosecute agents of the federal government who refuse to abide by their oath of office and intentionally and wantonly subvert the laws of this nation they have sworn to uphold. It is treason at the highest level. It endangers the citizens of this once great country, and sane people would not allow it.