Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Starts To Sound Desperate About Her Met Gala Extravaganza


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is beginning to sound uncomfortable following her appearance in a customized evening gown at the Met Gala spectacle. After all, her presence at the celebrity-studded gala in the expensive one-of-a-kind evening gown did not go as planned. Her gown’s rear was spray-painted with the words “Tax the Rich.” It drew allegations of hypocrisy.

Thus, we now had explanation after justification for her celebration, which included eating rare food, dancing, imbibing the substance, and exchanging air kisses with all the renowned attractive people. In other words, the entire purpose of the party was to promote her views about taxing the affluent to wealthy individuals who are already aware of how to avoid it.

It’s all post-fact rationalization because she had a good time at the party and crashed the ranks of the governing class. That is her desire. Her custom gown read “tax the rich,” which did not go down well, as most people saw right through it, and her troubles continue to mount. To begin, who purchased her ticket? She was not there in the capacity of a politician attending a celebrity event and returning with swag.

The New York Post uncovered this. A conservative group wants the House Ethics Committee to look into Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-free Cortez’s tickets to Monday’s Met Gala, where she wore a custom gown that read “Tax the Rich.” It was widely condemned on social media for the legislator to attend the $35,000-per-ticket event while portraying herself as their agitator enemy.

Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who represents portions of the Bronx and Queens, allegedly breached House rules by receiving “an unlawful gift” of accessible seats to the annual dinner, which fellow New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney also attended. Jones believes that the Met Gala doesn’t count since a private corporation, media behemoth Condé Nast, is on the guest list.

Sandy should be responding to such inquiries rather than droning on about “women’s bodies.” Sandy, who owes the State of New York around $2,000, has yet to pay her taxes. Should the Wealthy Be Taxed? How about you take care of your taxes, Sandy?

Another issue is that she claimed to represent the working class, yet the photographs clearly show the genuine working-class beside her. They were the dark-skinned ones compelled to wear masks while they “served.” Hundreds of participants posed for the cameras without any masks. Pandemics have perks. On the subject of class, how does she explain Black Lives Matter’s demonstration outside the event? Those gentlemen, whatever the merits of their arguments, backed up their claims. Ocasio-Cortez ate canapés inside.

The fig-leaf dress incident at the Met is turning out to be a political disaster for Hillary. People know she wanted to party with the billionaires. Like it was all some feminist convention. In reality, she’s been shown as a sybarite and a hypocrite.