Amazon And ‘The Woke’ Lord Of The Rings Teaser Shows How Hollywood ‘Ruins’ Everything

“Evil can make nothing new. It can destroy and obliterate what was developed or made by the powers of good” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Christopher Tolkien, the son of J.R.R. Tolkien, the great English author of The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, would never have approved the woke version of his father’s epic fantasy. But the grandchildren of Tolkien are more than happy to profit off trust funds set to sell off a story that has clear Christian overtones. Enthusiasts of the books and movies want to honor Tolkien’s exemplary work when they criticize its perversion with quotes from the author. They are not making absurd assumptions and out-of-line leaps of logic in their criticism when considering the new Amazon Prime series source.

Social justice and racial diversity seem to be the primary drivers of the program. Individuals associated with the showrunners and the studio believe civil rights focus on the Amazon Prime show. Mistreating the source material means updating the characters and races to align with the present day. Is this like having Denzel Washington play Macbeth or altering something more profound in the very DNA of the Tolkien lore.

Virtue signaling and Game Of Thrones-style blood are the most critical aspects of the new show. The Super Bowl ad highlighted the inclusive new series. And, a Vanity Fair piece interviewing Mariana Rios Maldonado, one of the consultants for the newly titled The Rings Of Power Series, claimed that only bigoted savages and trolls objected to the modifications of The Lord Of The Rings universe.

Does Amazon know its audience for the revamped Lord Of The Rings? Star Wars was destroyed by retconning it. Star Trek has never escaped its vortex of liberalism. And, the Marvel Cinematic Universe faces a challenge with the traditional roles from Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk being threatened by worn-out storylines and demands for more significant equity and racial diversity. Chadwick Boseman was the best actor for Black Panther, and his untimely death strikes at the heart of the racial limits of the MCU. It is the routine for other big-name Sci-Fi and fantasy properties.

Many fans worldwide reacted to the Super Bowl advertisement with disdain. The Lord Of The Rings creator once said that evil could not make something new. It can distort, pervert, and degenerate the good. It is a Satanic lie. He can take what is good and make it better by making it worse. If Amazon rejects the source material and goes off on its adventures in nonsense, the end product will not work for viewers familiar with Tolkien’s vision.

In the “Return Of The King,” many have also noted that Frodo described the origin of orcs “The Shadow that birthed them can only mock. It cannot create anything new. I don’t believe it gave the orcs life. It just destroyed and twisted them, and if they are to live, they must live like other living things.”

Incorporating an infusion of woke culture and social justice does not make something better. It is a deliberate use of traditional or conservative characters and places to promote their message and agenda. Pushing public policy by inserting a secular worldview into stories we appreciate does not make them more palatable or right.