Amazon Employees See Leave Leftist Paradise

The Seattle Times is reporting that Amazon has removed some of its workers from downtown Seattle due to a dramatic spike of violent crimes, including carjacking and shootings. Before the COVID pandemic Amazon was a very vocal supporter of organizations like Black Lives Matter (BLM)during the riots that were plaguing the country. Jeff Bezos himself made a statement of support for BLM and claimed that he was happy to lose customers over his stance.

The prominence of the BLM protests was quickly followed up by the Defund The Police movement where liberal communities decided to take funds away from traditional policing and pivot to a more community-based approach. Although this approach has never been proven, that did not stop the utopian minded Seattle City Council from dramatically cutting police funding.

Amazon and Jeff Bezos seemed to draw the line by not affirmatively supporting the Defund the Police movement, but they are not exactly coming out against it either. The company was criticized for selling Blue Lives Murder merchandise on its website. It is true that Amazon has raised money for police departments as part of its charitable causes. The company is trying to thread the needle between promoting ‘racial justice’ while not appearing anti-police.

Not surprisingly, left-leaning pundits accuse the company of only supporting BLM on the surface while being deeply entrenched with the government, especially with Amazon Web Services. It does not get more establishment than building a cloud service for the CIA. Amazon was also a bidder on the JEDI contract for the Pentagon.

All the public support in the world for the BLM movement does not change what happens to Amazon in the Democrat-run cities that try to implement their reform policies. Crime is skyrocketing everywhere that is moving away from traditional policing. Furthermore, BLM has everything from tax problems to questions about how its founders can suddenly afford multimillion dollar homes. Amazon would be better served by focusing on its internal problems than becoming intertwined with movements that are suddenly having public relations problems of their own.