Americans Are Giving Jill Biden a Piece of Their Mind

In the time leading up to his presidency, Joe Biden made a lot of promises.

He talked about bringing the American people together and toning down the division between leftists and conservatives. Biden also claimed he’d lead as a president for all Americans, including those who did not vote for him.

However, Biden hasn’t even come close to living up to this. It wasn’t too long ago that the president pushed for people without COVID-19 vaccines to lose their jobs. Biden has also regularly accused his political opponents of being racists and segregationists.

Consistent polling of this administration shows growing discontent with its policies and leadership. Now, Americans are expressing their views in real time to the people closest to Biden.

Americans vs. Jill Biden
Days ago, first lady Jill Biden was in Connecticut for a visit to Arethusa Farm Dairy Shop. As Biden left her vehicle to enter the building, she was confronted by protesters who were only a few feet away.

One of them shouted that Biden’s husband was the worst president the United States has ever had. Later, the protester also said the president owes Americans gas money.

The first lady kept walking, simply thanking the man for his “support.” Not long afterward, another protester yelled, “You suck.”

Connecticut is far from a hardcore, right-wing state. In fact, Biden actually won the state in 2020. To many Americans, it speaks volumes that even residents in blue states are talking about the damage inflicted by the current president.

Not Getting the Message?
Jill Biden’s decision to thank anti-Biden protesters for their “support” has been widely condemned as out-of-touch and elitist. This view is further solidified by the first lady being caught smirking while protesters shouted at her.

Despite depleting poll numbers, the president and his administration have refused to make any real shifts in their policies. The closest they’ve come to address the needs of Americans is assigning blame to others for various failures like inflation and high gas costs.

At the same time, the president, first lady, and others within Biden’s camp are still calling for Americans to support Democrats in the upcoming midterms. Polling of the November races indicates this is unlikely to happen.