Andy Ngo Sues Alleged Antifa Attackers, Seeks $1 Million

Prominent journalist and author Andy Ngo has filed a lawsuit against two individuals he alleges were involved in an Antifa attack against him in Portland. Ngo is seeking nearly $1 million in damages for the incident during a heated protest in the city last year.

According to court documents filed on Tuesday, Ngo claims that the two defendants, John Doe and Jane Doe, were part of a mob of Antifa activists who physically assaulted him while covering the protest. The incident on July 16 left Ngo with severe injuries, including a concussion and multiple contusions, requiring medical treatment and therapy.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence. Ngo’s legal team asserts that the defendants and other individuals who have not yet been identified acted clearly to harm the journalist, known for his critical coverage of Antifa and other far-left groups.

The events leading up to the attack were part of a significant protest that had been ongoing in Portland for several days. The demonstrations were marked by clashes between Antifa activists and counter-protesters, leading to heightened tensions in the city. Ngo, a conservative journalist and critic of Antifa, was present at the scene to report on the unfolding events.

In a press conference, Andy Ngo’s attorney stated, “The lawsuit seeks financial compensation for Ngo’s injuries and aims to hold the defendants accountable for their actions.”

“This case is about protecting journalists’ rights to cover news events without fear of violence or intimidation,” Harmeet Dhillon said.

Due to ongoing investigations and safety concerns, the defendants’ identities remain undisclosed. Portland authorities have been working diligently to apprehend the assailants involved in the attack on Ngo, with public support rallying behind the effort to identify and prosecute those responsible.

The lawsuit filed by Andy Ngo against the alleged Antifa attackers has drawn attention to the issue of journalist safety and freedom of the press. Ngo’s case highlights the risks journalists face while reporting contentious events, particularly in highly charged situations involving political ideologies and protests.

The trial date for the lawsuit has yet to be set, and Ngo’s legal team is preparing to present evidence and witnesses to support their claims.

Meanwhile, the broader debate over Antifa’s activities and their potential threat to freedom of expression and public safety continues to be discussed in media and political circles. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for how such groups are held accountable for their actions in the future.