Another Democrat Calls Out Biden’s Backward Border Policies

When Joe Biden was running for president in 2020, he branded himself as a Democrat with middle-of-the-road leanings. Biden and his team worked hard to make sure Americans thought he would govern as a moderate president.

Since Biden’s taken control of the White House, his leadership and policies have been anything but moderate.

The president tried (and failed) to strong-arm Americans into taking COVID vaccines or losing their jobs. Biden tried this despite promising in 2020 that he wouldn’t mandate the COVID vaccine.

Today, Biden is arguably one of the most radical presidents this country has ever had. However, as the current president continues pushing ahead with policies that don’t make sense, he’s losing support from true moderates within his own party, according to The Blaze.

No Deal on Biden’s Border Policies

The president today wants Americans to think rolling back Title 42 is a justified measure. Title 42 is what allowed illegal border crossers to be returned to their home countries, due to COVID.

Though, at the same time Biden’s moved to eliminate Title 42, he’s also extended the federal mask mandate for public transportation until May 3. The president claims this is about health and reported increases in COVID cases; yet, somehow, this ceases to apply to Title 42.

Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) has since spoken out against this. On Thursday, the moderate Democrat said the extension of various measures cited as public health precautions is a justification for keeping Title 42 in effect.

Sinema also isn’t the only moderate Democrat who is able to see common sense, here. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has likewise condemned Biden’s decision to remove Title 42.

Thus far, Sinema and Manchin are the only two Democratic lawmakers who routinely hold this president accountable, even if it means taking heat from their own party. Sinema and Manchin opposed Biden’s failed attempt to remove the filibuster, for instance, along with specific other measures.

It Was Never About Science

If Biden truly believed that “the science” justified letting Title 42 expire, then he would have applied the same logic to the federal mask mandate for public transit.

Unfortunately, the mandates that Biden and most Democrats continue to throw their weight behind are not about science. Instead, they’re about controlling the American public and getting to boss people around.

Despite all of that, one saving grace for Americans is having moderate Democrats in office who are willing to join and vote alongside Republicans when Biden goes beyond a certain line.