Another Democrat Refuses to Endorse Biden’s Reelection Plans

Joe Biden’s been slipping and losing support from his own party.

During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats fought mightily to get Biden into the White House. Yet, today, a comparable amount of effort is being put into ensuring that Biden does not run for a second term.

The progressive coalition known as RootsAction directly said Biden will face a “fight” if he goes for another term in 2024. Meanwhile, The Atlantic and the New York Times have each run op-eds that are specifically dedicated to why Biden shouldn’t run for office again.

When CNN asked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) whether she’d support Biden for reelection, the congresswoman evaded the question, saying she’d have to see what happens.

Now, yet another Democratic lawmaker is refusing to come out with a clear endorsement for a Biden 2024 candidacy.

New Humiliation For the President
During a conversation with the media, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MS), like Ocasio-Cortez, was directly asked if she would support Biden going for another term in the White House.

At first, one of Bush’s aides attempted to cut into the conversation. Yet, when the congresswoman was pressed again, she said she didn’t want to respond to the question.

Bush later proceeded to claim that as president, Biden has “the right” to go for a second term. Yet, the Democratic lawmaker still refused to say whether or not she would support such a run.

Finally, she reiterated that she’d prefer not to be asked about Biden’s 2024 plans before saying she had to go.

Biden’s Version of Events vs. Reality
The president has previously claimed that his party wants him to run for re-election. Yet, when his party members are asked, their responses tell a very different story.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris has gone from emphatically stating that Biden’s going for a second term to saying that she’ll be his running mate “if” he campaigns for reelection.

Reportedly, both Harris and California Gov. Gavin Newson (D) has been in talks with donors for possible 2024 campaigns.

At this point, it’s very easy for Americans to see the Democrat Party turning on Biden and seeking alternatives for 2024. On climate change, abortion, and student loan debt, the president’s base has been disappointed with his delivery or lack thereof.