Antifa Activist Teacher Paid Hefty Settlement to Resign

A radical Antifa-promoting public school teacher in California is being paid a handsome settlement from taxpayer funds to resign his position.

Gabriel Gipe was first publicly exposed in August 2021 through reporting by Project Veritas. Gipe, who was a social studies teacher at Inderkum High School in Sacramento was shown on hidden video in which he admitted to his violent leftist views.

Gipe said that his mission was to turn his students into “revolutionaries” and lamented that he only had 180 days with them to shape them to his worldview.

Gipe admitted that he was a member of the violent group Antifa and said that he worked on influencing his students by trying to “Scare the f— out of them.” He spoke proudly of his policy of giving extra credit to students who attended Antifa events after school.

He said that students who attend Antifa protests, community events, or “tabling” could take pictures and “write up a reflection” to get the extra credit.

When a student expressed concern about an Antifa flag Gipe had hanging in his classroom, he bragged that he suggested to the student that he was a fascist. He said he told the student that the flag was “meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable.” He warned the student, “Maybe you shouldn’t be aligning with the values that this is antithetical to.”

After the video went viral as part of Project Veritas’s reporting, Natomas Unified School District Superintendent Chris Evans issued a statement indicating he planned to fire Gipe. Evans cited numerous violations of the district’s code of conduct revealed by Gipe’s admissions. He wrote that teachers in the district must “without bias, or favoring their own personal beliefs share facts and information around differing perspectives,”

Evans concluded that Gipe “crossed that line and violated that trust.”

The Antifa social studies teacher did not intend to go away quietly, however.

New reporting based on public documents shows that the school district agreed to pay $190,000 to Gipe as a settlement in exchange for his resignation and release of the district from any legal liability.

The former teacher’s base salary was $60,000.

The settlement was reportedly considered taxable income, providing Gipe with around $100,000 in cash after taxes.