AOC-Backed Senate Candidate Trashes the US

It’s becoming increasingly more popular for politicians to use the founding fathers and the foundation of the United States to push radical agendas. One of those politicians is Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes (D-WI) who is a Senate candidate backed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Barnes talks about these issues as if they happened just a couple of months ago. In 2019, Barnes posted a 4th of July post on Facebook that pointed out that America has separated children from families during slavery and with Japanese internment camps and many other issues. Barnes noted that “we change the course of this nation,” but those changes have been made for decades and centuries.

Barnes did the same during the 4th of July in 2020 when the George Floyd riots were going on. Barnes said, “This nation has a long tradition of injustice—from enslaving Africans and selling them as property to genocidal actions against Indigenous peoples to the forms of systemic racism and violence Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color experience to this day.”

Independence day is only one of the holidays that Barnes has attacked. Barnes again took to Facebook and said, “For many, Thanksgiving is a painful reminder of the atrocities committed against Indigenous communities. And while this holiday celebrates some of the first immigrants to this land, this is juxtaposed with the unspeakable cruelty we see at our borders.”

Native Americans weren’t as peaceful as Barnes would like you to think. They murdered each other far before there was conflict with settlers.

Barnes’ post continued, “The truth is, this country was founded on the backs of people who were enslaved on land that was stolen, and these injustices continue to permeate our society. We must do more to rectify these historic and current day injustices — especially as we face the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes.”

After seeing the pattern Barnes uses as his foundational argument in posts, you might think he’s stuck in the past, but he assured everyone in May 2021 that he’s not.

Barnes tweeted, “And ‘founders’ intent’ has been used as the basis of oppression for too long. We should be making decisions based on the future, not the raw ideals of a colonial, slave-holding, sexist past. It feels like we’re guided by mistakes instead of being informed by them.”

After AOC’s endorsement, Barnes might be able to win in November and try to push his woke agendas on the national stage. That’s the last thing that this country needs. A copycat of America’s socialist from the Bronx.