AOC is Back to Her Typical Antics

It’s not uncommon for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to make headlines for her various statements that are way out there, to say the least.

Several days ago, the congresswoman told the New York Post that Democrats’ problems are rooted in Biden’s failure to ignore moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and make younger voters of the Democrat Party happy.

Before this interview with the New York Post, Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) incorrectly claimed that Biden has the authority to end millions of Americans’ student loan debt through executive action. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has disputed this claim, insisting that only Congress has the authority for such a move.

But these are far from the most ridiculous claims the New York lawmaker has made as of late. According to Red State, AOC is now claiming the world will end in a little over one decade.

The End of the World?

During an MLK Now event, the congresswoman spoke at length about her concerns regarding climate change. To be specific, AOC stated that the impacts of climate change are very real and even comparable to “World War II.”

She then continued, painting a dark picture of what will happen if a series of climate change proposals aren’t put into effect. According to AOC, the end of the world is coming within a 12-year timeframe.

Finally, before wrapping up her remarks at the MLK Now event, the congresswoman dismissed questions various Americans have raised about how Democrats’ climate change proposals are going to be paid for.

Larger Problems with the Climate Change Movement

Many in the climate change movement complain about fossil fuels, but don’t hesitate to hop on private jets.

It’s also worth noting that “the end of the world” is something climate change activists have been talking about for quite some time.

Already, climate change talking points are being used to justify the push for electric vehicles and even the agenda to get Americans to stop eating red meat. Bill Gates has previously gone on record, citing climate change as a reason for people to stop eating beef and start eating “plant-based meats.”

The Democrats’ agenda to pass life-changing climate legislation without even a plan for how to pay for it is troubling. America is already dealing with an inflation crisis caused by reckless spending. And now, it looks like they want nothing more than to put the nail in our economic coffin.

Despite what AOC may believe, there’s absolutely no evidence that suggests the world will end in 12 years.