AOC Pushes For Student Loan Forgiveness

In the United States, when people take out loans to attend college or university, they’re made aware of the stipulations that come along with those loans. One of the most basic stipulations of all is that student loans have to be paid back.

Yet, the left-wing’s calls for student loans to be “forgiven” or passed along to taxpayers nationwide is still alive and kicking. Leftists believe that people shouldn’t be saddled with the responsibility of paying back the loans they agreed to pay back before borrowing them.

The longer this debate carries out, the worse the arguments in favor of student loan forgiveness become. The latest remarks from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are a prime example of this, according to Twitchy.

AOC’s Take on Student Loans

Earlier this month on Instagram, the far-left congresswoman was questioned about the fairness of student loan forgiveness when some folks have already paid back their student loans.

Ocasio-Cortez responded by claiming “it all comes around” and saying people should be supportive of certain policies even if they don’t directly benefit from them.

Yet, this is a very upside down approach to the reality of what Americans will be facing if student loans are redistributed across the US taxpayer base.

For starters, if Ocasio-Cortez gets her way, the only thing that will “come around” is higher inflation and increasingly unaffordable living costs. Higher taxes will also be a factor as well, seeing as “forgiven” student loan debt wouldn’t just disappear.

On Instagram, the congresswoman failed to honestly talk about the economic ramifications that stem from this form of debt redistribution. The White House, meanwhile, is already digging into potential ways of passing on student loan debt to the general public.

The Truth About Student Loan Debt

Many Americans believe that it’s not their responsibility to pay off loans that they never agreed to take out. This is especially true for people who did borrow money from the government, yet ended up paying it back.

At this point, it’s clear that Democrats believe these Americans should be forced to bite the bullet and pay for someone else as well.

Student loan debt is not mandatory. No one is obligated to take out student loans; in fact, there are many people who never took out student loans, never went to college or university, and are still doing fine.