AP Claims Gas Prices Have “Plunged” Despite Remaining Nearly $5 a Gallon

The Associated Press is claiming in a new piece that gas prices have “plunged” in the past two weeks, despite remaining nearly $5 per gallon across the country.

As the piece itself admits, the nationwide average gas price currently stands at $4.86 per gallon, only 14 cents below the $5 mark and, even more shockingly, $1.66 higher than prices stood a year ago. While the $4.86 figure does represent a 19 cent decrease over the past two weeks, this remarkably modest decline hardly points to gas prices having “plunged.”

And in fact, over the same time period four states have actually seen an increase in gas prices. In Wyoming prices have risen 6 cents, in Hawaii and Idaho prices have risen 8 cents, and in Utah prices have risen a whopping 17 cents.

Social media users were quick to point out the stupidity of the AP’s gas price celebration. “Awesome to see gas prices have ‘plunged’ to only two or three dollars higher per gallon than they were on election night!” wrote one Twitter user.

“Imagine being the AP celebrating $4.86 for gas, what’s next celebrating middle class can now afford peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner?” wrote another.

The White House has also attempted to spin the marginal drop in gas prices as a win for the Biden administration. During a press briefing Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre touted the decline in prices while blaming oil and gas companies for not lowering prices fast enough.

“The average retail price of gas was 11% higher in June than it was in May and the cost of gas in July is already down 7% from the June peak,” Jean-Pierre said. “We continue to call on oil and gas companies to pass on their lower costs to consumers.”

The press secretary also claimed that “even though gas prices shot up quickly when oil prices rose, they have not come down as quickly as oil has” and that “the president’s number one economic priority is tackling inflation.”

For months the Biden administration has sought to pin sky-high gas prices on Russian aggression and gas companies, attempting to absolve themselves of any responsibility.