AP Takes Place In ‘Propaganda Push’ For CCP’s Winter Olympics

Surprisingly, some American companies have recently taken a stand against high-profile publicity for the upcoming Winter Olympics hosted in Beijing, China. Big-name sponsors like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Airbnb have avoided the usual constant bombardment of advertisements and social channel engagement for a more muted approach. None of these companies have outright boycotted the games, but they are not precisely embracing them either.

Part of this can be traced to the NBA’s experience when an innocuous tweet resulted in severe consequences for the Houston Rockets and became an international incident. Companies realize that crossing the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) can have catastrophic consequences to the bottom line. At the same time, companies want to avoid the controversy of being associated with a regime that has been accused of operating concentration camps and torturing people, most notably the Uyghur’s. It is easy to see why these companies have adopted a mission silent strategy for these games instead of taking a stand either way.

Even our grandpa-in-chief, President Biden, has ordered a diplomatic boycott for the Winter Olympics. Could it be that this could be the least publicized game ever? Not if the Associated Press has anything to say about it.

The President of the Associated Press, Daisy Veerasingham, enthusiastically spoke at a public forum hosted by the propaganda arm of the CCP. Daisy does not see a problem with her alleged journalistic organization carrying the water for the Chinese. The CCP understandably wants these games to be a crowning achievement for Xi Jinping and is aggressively trying to get news organizations worldwide to report them as a rousing success even before they happen.

There have been some reports that Xi Jinping has asked Putin to delay his military exercises, aka the invasion of Ukraine, until after the closing ceremonies, though the CCP denies it. Regardless of if China asked Russia to slow-walk their annexation of their sovereign neighbor, they don’t want anything to detract from the upcoming Communist Olympics. Daisy Veerasingham and the AP agree with that sentiment.