Apple’s New Emoji Screams Femininity with a Mustache

In their new software update, Apple added in an emoji depicting a male who is pregnant. As ridiculous as that might sound, it happened. Along with the pregnant man, a “pregnant person” emoji was also added. This emoji doesn’t depict an obvious male or female person.

The emoji’s are featured on the IPhones, IPads, iPods, Apple Watches, and other iOS devices so you can be whatever gender you would like to be when you’re carrying a supposed non-binary, non-aborted, fetal clump of cells that normal people call a baby.

Apple is obviously denying any kind of science surrounding reproduction and the equal rights that women have fought for. Decades have been wasted and women’s empowerment has been boiled down to “we identify as men now.” It’s a slap in the face for any woman who gave up their life, career, and spent any time attending rallies or writing legislation to bring women to equal standing to men.