Archer Testimony Highlights Joe Biden’s Partnership With Hunter

Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, provided eye-opening revelations in his recent congressional testimony that challenges President Joe Biden’s supposed lack of involvement in his son’s international business dealings. These revelations could significantly change our understanding of the Biden family’s controversial global operations.

Archer confirmed that then-Vice President Joe Biden was on at least 20 business-related phone calls with his son, puncturing the Democrats’ defensive narrative that these were simply casual chats. This information builds on the mounting evidence suggesting a more substantial connection between the senior Biden’s official role and Hunter’s business activities.

According to Archer, Hunter Biden was on the Ukrainian energy company Burisma board due to his family’s “brand,” to which then-Vice President Joe Biden provided “value.” These assertions add a new layer to the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s potentially illicit international business deals, including those in China and Romania.

A glaring detail from Archer’s testimony was the frequent reference to Joe Biden as “my guy” by Hunter. This affirmation questions Democrats’ previous claims that the phone calls were not work-related. Such conversations seem far from “niceties,” as Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) tried to argue to multiple corporate media outlets on Monday.

Republicans have voiced concerns over the integrity of the Biden family’s operations for some time. The recent revelations about the elder Biden’s involvement have strengthened their case. To them, this testimony is a significant stride in unmasking the extent to which the Biden “brand” was used to drive profitable business deals.

In a notable interview with press journalists, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said Archer’s testimony proves that “the Bidens were in the actual business of influence peddling.” This is a grave assertion that has the potential to leave lasting impacts on the Biden administration’s image.

Archer’s appearance at the congressional hearing followed a contentious exchange with the Department of Justice, which earlier pushed for his accelerated sentencing on his recent fraud conviction. This decision, according to the Republicans, was aimed to “intimidate” Archer, who is considered a vital figure in the ongoing investigation into the Bidens.

In the aftermath of Archer’s damning revelations, speculation has been brewing over the potential for a Biden impeachment probe. Greene believes Archer’s testimony could be the critical evidence that moves the needle on the impeachment decision.

Despite the White House’s consistent denial about the current president’s involvement in Hunter’s business, these latest revelations have further fueled the GOP’s inquiry, leading to a more extensive investigation into the Biden family’s alleged wrongdoings.

Archer’s claims give more depth to the scrutiny of the dealings of Rosemont Seneca Partners, the company co-founded by Hunter and Archer. Notably, this company made a whopping $11 million from the deal with Burisma, despite Hunter’s evident lack of experience in the industry.

The Hunter Biden saga is no longer a simple tale of potential corruption; it has taken a disturbing turn with implications for the integrity of our nation’s highest office. Archer’s testimony raises uncomfortable questions about how the Biden family blurred ethical boundaries.