Are The Dems Baiting Conservatives To Fight For Public Schools?

What is going on with progressives in this era of politics? It’s like they are trying to alienate as many families as possible from public schools. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were being clever and baiting conservatives to fight to keep their kids in public schools and get more involved, taking a more significant stake in making sure that the kids are getting brainwashed by leftwing nuts.

It’s just unbelievable out there.

This week we have a story of two California public school teachers who allegedly did personal gender counseling with a 12-year-old student without telling her parents, resulting in their diagnosis of the girl as trans, adopting her new gender identity at school without telling her parents, and then calling her parents in to tell them she’s trans, and then calling CPS on them for not using the new pronouns.

Meanwhile, a Philadelphia public school district this week started a new policy of allowing students to change their gender while at school without approval from the parents, and without even notifying the parents, reports David McLoone at LifeSiteNews:

“According to the superintendent, pupils will be able to amend their gender identification preference without providing legal proof or requiring parent or guardian approval. This preference will subsequently be represented in digital schools learning systems such as Google Classroom, as well as assessments and report cards, and so on.”

Between all the Critical Race Theory madness that upended the Virginia elections recently, and public schools militarizing babies against coronavirus in their schools when the CDC and WHO and all the health authorities have said from the beginning, kids are pretty much naturally immune to the virus for some reason (which curiously enough is how you might expect a virus engineered by the U.S. government in a lab to work).

And teachers now taking classroom discussions about gender with children and adolescents far beyond the Wonders Years level, where the gym teacher draws the fallopian tubes on the chalkboard, and the ovaries, and vagina, and it kind of looks like a cow, and then draws a square around it with stick-figure arms and legs and a happy face with long hair.

They should keep it to anatomy and stuff and leave out this whacky Duso the dolphin cult or whatever they’re doing. If you’re into the trans cult, go and worship and even feel free to recruit, on your off-hours, not at work with public resources, and don’t try to recruit people’s kids.

What will all these teachers do when no one is left who wants to send their kids to public school and let them teach their kids?