Are We Still A Democratically Elected Constitutional Republic?


President Joe Biden and Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi are working together to advance their massive spending plan misnamed a budget. 

Always remember the adage from H.L. Mencken, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Many people in the media are still deathly afraid of Donald Trump. This Trump derangement syndrome was supposed to subside after the anti-President Joe Biden was installed in the White House. However, the fear of Trump is being used as a bludgeon to beat Republicans in Congress into submission. 

Milquetoast Republicans are being told that they must accept Leftists’ demands on everything. Of course, this includes passing the Breaking Bad Better plan.

Allowing Democrats to control through majority rule and refusing to assert the rights of the minority Republicans will abandon democracy. Voting rights will be trashed when Democrat plans fundamentally reshape the nature of elections in this country. Federalizing polls is tantamount to a dictatorial takeover that will enforce liberal fiat on the rest of the country. 

If the Democrats pass the budget as a reconciliation bill with the help of Republicans, the GOP will collapse. It will lose the very tenuous support they currently have. If the Democratic Party gets what it wants, it will likely institute a one-party ruling system predicated on electoral advantages until a major political upheaval occurs. 

Everyone wants to look ahead from the 2022 midterms next year to the 2024 Presidential election. Predicting how this budget will affect future elections is straightforward: if Democrats get what they want, Republicans will be in the political doghouse for decades. Joe Biden has not been in office for even one year. If the GOP cannot put up a fight right now, there is no way that Donald Trump will save us. 

It takes a particular sort of foolishness to predict how the House of Representatives will change hands in 2022 or how the Senate will return to Republican control. If you hear any say, “showing that we can work together will convince Independents to vote for us,” this is Republican Senator Mitch “the turtle” McConnell talking. 

There are still political ramifications of Donald Trump’s triumph in 2016 that have yet to be fully understood. Democrat states are failing, and this incompetency is the harsh medicine many of the Republicans did not want to give the country. 

Over 71 million Americans did not denounce Trump as president. And many in the woke Left who are running the Democratic Party are going to ruin this nation before they realize the error of their ways. More Americans will reject this insanity when given a chance. 

Spending trillions untethered from reality will only create more significant problems for this nation. And the current administration is unable to solve minor inconveniences, let alone a massive crisis.