Are We Sure That Wasn’t Trump On The COVID Conference Call With Governors?

On a call with governors Monday, allegedly, President Biden told them regarding coronavirus, “There is no federal solution. It gets solved at the state level,” Tyler Olson reported at Fox News Wednesday.


As the Fox News note recaps:

“Biden, however, has put the federal government in a central role on pandemic mitigation measures. The Education Department opened civil rights probes into several states for banning school mask mandates.”

Wasn’t Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy Ross or something, supposed to dismantle that thing for us? What happened to that?

I hoped to see helicopters taking off from schools with superintendents, teachers, and lobbyists. After they’re gone, we see all these videos of the books, classroom materials, and lab equipment they left for all the restless natives to confiscate to start their government.

Olson continues, “The president continues to require masks at airports, airlines, and public transportation, and his administration has increased fines for individuals who fail to comply.”

Seems federal? Is the president saying this is not a solution?

It is what I was hoping for out of Mr. Biden. That like Mr. Trump, he would have some almost perverse compulsion to blurt out the truth. Trump, the unrestrained id of the American polity, would do so bluntly. Mr. Biden does so cryptically and probably through great pains and against his will, waking up in the middle of the night, ‘Eww!’ remembering when he slipped something awkwardly true about the U.S. federal government like the terrorists never stop thinking of new ways to hurt the American people, and neither do we.

“At the same time, the administration is going to the Supreme Court to defend its vaccine mandate for any private enterprise with more than 100 employees.”
Given the facts, how can you parse this?

“There is no federal solution. It gets solved at the state level.”

It’s some Trump-level disregard for the conventions of logic, any standards of truth, or making any sense at all, just saying some words and pushing through. Let’s go back to the days of the first MAGA rallies and recall the bizarre and surreal dread of sovereignty of such a magnificent presence, this steely, implacable confidence, serenely unshaken by the fact that their answer to your question made no sense. They didn’t like your question. They didn’t like you. You’re probably a chump and a loser and making things worse with your lousy journalism.

And Biden’s doing a governor’s meeting on the phone that way?

Or is Biden signaling that the administration is preparing to settle out of court on the federal vaccine order through OSHA and other federal vaccine mandates?

Is he lying to sneak attack us with more federal intrusions after we let down our guard and celebrate and nod off to sleep, like George Washington crossing Delaware with the Continental Army to surprise the Hessians in Trenton, or is he capitulating and pivoting?

Or did he get mixed up and start talking about the poopy he just made in the middle of a meeting? We report. You decide.

Also, is President Biden flashing a white supremacist gang signal in this photo accompanying the Fox News article referenced above?