Argentina’s Milei Says Trump Will Visit Buenos Aires

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei revealed that former President Donald Trump called him and expressed his intent to travel to Buenos Aires soon. According to Milei, Trump called to congratulate him on his victory in becoming the new president of Argentina. Trump also evidently wants to meet Milei during his visit to the South American country.

Milei’s office released a statement about this call, saying, “The president-elect received a call last night from the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, who congratulated him and pointed out his triumph by a wide margin in last Sunday’s election had a great impact on a global scale.”

According to AP News, Milei’s call with Trump came only a few hours after President Joe Biden called the president-elect to congratulate him on his victory.

Milei’s office did not give an exact date on when Trump may visit Argentina.

Argentinian journalists who were first to report this news also indicated that former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, helped connect this call between Milei and Trump.

Many analysts have compared right-wing populist Milei to Trump in the past. Milei has often even praised the former U.S. president. In an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, conducted earlier this year, Milei applauded Trump.

Milei said, that Trump should “continue with his fight against socialism.” Argentina’s president-elect also praised Trump by saying that “he’s one of the few who fully understood that the battle is against socialism, that the battle is against the statists.”

Trump has also been publicly supportive of Milei. After Milei was announced victorious in Argentina’s elections, Trump took to social media to congratulate him. In a video posted online, Trump said, “I am very proud of you. You will turn your country around and truly make Argentina great again.”

Many analysts believe that Milei has a long road ahead of him. Argentina’s economy may soon be in a recession, and annualized inflation is currently at 142%. Though Milei ran on the idea of dollarization — adopting the use of the U.S. dollar and getting rid of their current peso system — it already appears that he’s dropping this policy.

Milei’s inauguration will be on Dec. 10.