Arizona’s Border Wall is Now Under Attack

The federal government’s repeated refusal to take control of the southern border and enforce immigration laws has now led border states like Arizona to take matters into their own hands.

This is why Arizona recently made national headlines for building its own border wall. The border state was able to accomplish this in a matter of days, doing far more than the Biden administration ever has.

In addition to constructing the border wall, the Grand Canyon State also decided to have migrants shipped to sanctuary cities where Democrats can welcome them.

However, the battle against illegal immigration is far from over. Very recently, different sections of Arizona’s border wall were found damaged in ways that appear intentional.

Reviewing the Damages to Arizona’s Border Wall
The heavily welded shipping containers used to create the border wall on Arizona’s Yuma sector were found knocked down, broken, dented, smashed, and separated from other sections of the wall.

According to various construction crew members, strong winds knocked down the wall and caused these damages. However, many Americans, including Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R), aren’t falling for these claims.

Earlier in the week, the Arizona governor pointed out even strong winds wouldn’t be powerful enough to knock down welded-together shipping containers. The weight of this wall alone raises serious doubts that winds would be able to shatter sections of the state’s border wall.

An aide of Ducey also explained these containers weigh about 8,800 pounds each. This, alone, lends credence to the idea that foul play, rather than “strong winds,” ultimately took down portions of Arizona’s border wall.

Additional statements from Ducey’s aide pointed out that if Arizona’s border wall was truly as ineffective as its critics claim, it wouldn’t be coming under attack.

It’s Not Over
The damage to Arizona’s border wall doesn’t change the harm inflicted upon the nation by illegal immigration. Like Texas, Arizona is stationed directly on the southern border, therefore bearing the immediate harm of unfettered mass migration.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether the border wall comes under more attacks in the future. Either way, repairing the barrier on Arizona’s Yuma sector is going to require resources, time, and money.

Though as many people have noted, the destruction only highlights America’s need to have a secure southern border.