Armed Leftist Militants Enforce Texas ‘Kid-Friendly’ Drag Show

Armed Antifa members recently attended a drag show in Texas advertised as “kid-friendly” to “guard” the event.

The masked men were armed with AR-15 rifles and claimed to be protecting a drag show attended by children, which is likely a response to previous peaceful protests against similar events in the state.

Journalist Andy Gno tweeted that, “Today a group of armed #Antifa members came to Roanoke, TX to support a drag queen event. The local chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, an #Antifa militia linked to domestic terrorism, led the call to direct action. It is headed by Christopher Guillott & Garrett Lee.”

The coverage of several independent journalists revealed that masked Antifa members armed with AR-15s were positioned around the building.

Video from the highly sexualized “kid-friendly” event depicts drag queens performing suggestive dances while surrounded by children whose apparent adoration of the dancers seemed to be a part of the show.

The implications of a militarized force like Antifa using guns to enforce the sexualization of young children in such a dystopic environment are troubling to anybody interested in maintaining some semblance of American society.

And as the left continues its encroachment on the family, we would be foolish not to expect more instances of Antifa and groups like them enforcing the insane and destructive policies of the left on ordinary Americans.