Army Veteran Karoline Stancik Blames COVID Vaccine For Heart Condition, Faces Mounting Medical Bills

Karoline Stancik, a former U.S. Army National Guard Specialist, claims that a mandated COVID-19 vaccine caused her debilitating heart condition, which led to the loss of her military career. Stancik’s assertion is supported by an Army memo acknowledging her diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) after receiving the vaccine.

The 24-year-old was discharged from active duty in 2022 due to her health issues. Stancik told investigative reporter Catherine Herridge that she had no prior heart problems before the vaccine, mandated by the Department of Defense in 2021. She described the onset of symptoms like coughing, chest pain, and headaches after the first dose, with worsening symptoms following the second dose.

Stancik experienced severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, and a burning sensation throughout her body. Despite these symptoms, she was discharged without medical benefits, forcing her to accumulate $70,000 in medical debt as she sought treatment. “I was neglected, and the medical care that I needed to get was not happening,” Stancik said.

USJAG Veterans Advocate Jeremy Sorenson condemned the military’s handling of Stancik’s case, arguing it was a deliberate cost-cutting measure. “The Department of Defense should defend the nation, not support research with the potential to do us harm,” he said.

Stancik’s benefits were restored in October 2023 when the Army recognized her condition as service-related. However, she and Sorenson continue to advocate for better treatment of injured servicemembers. “The leadership in the Defense Department did not want to address that – and still does not want to address – that maybe we hurt our own people’ with the vaccine mandate,” Sorenson said.

Stancik has stressed that her story is a personal account, not propaganda. She recently underwent emergency surgery for a pacemaker due to her heart condition. NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo and former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn have called for the DoD and Army to address Stancik’s case immediately and transparently.

“This needs wide dissemination,” Flynn posted on X, urging the Army and DoD to respond to.