Associated Press Reporter Matt Lee Does Some ‘Real Journalism’ At The State Department

Matt Lee of the Associated Press hammers State Department spokesperson Ned Price, who believes that the media must trust the government regarding Putin’s shady dealings. According to Price, Putin was conducting “false flag” operations to legitimize Russia’s impending invasion of Ukraine. A little context is required because the viral video is in the middle of a lengthy back-and-forth.

According to Anony Mee, Putin may be thinking about Ukraine’s golden grain since Russia’s population is dwindling, and even a dwindling population needs food. Putin is likely to perceive that the globe will turn very cold, and Crimea provides a warm water port leading to the Mediterranean.

The Europeans are energy reliant on Russia and have no intention of going to war with Moscow has fueled US President Joe Biden’s panic about Ukraine. Germany has shut down its nuclear power reactors, and Biden terminated America’s status as a net energy exporter and handed Russia’s pipeline into Europe his mark of approval. Like the United States, Ukraine is not eager for war, and Ukraine’s President had to pull back his hysterics, pushing Biden to do the same.

According to the reports, Leftists adore war because it benefits the United States in no way. Leftists instantly attribute wicked, imperialist, and racial intentions to the conflict if America gains. But what could be better than America going to war for a corrupt foreign nation that doesn’t want to go to war at all?

Therefore Matt Lee of the Associated Press told State Department spokesperson Ned Price, “She thought they’re lying.” Lee is blunt: Ned Price says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Lee is nearly, but not quite, clearly stating, “She doesn’t trust them,” and no one else should either. Even in the best of circumstances, the State Department is untrustworthy, but the unreliability factor has reached new heights during the Biden Administration.