At Least AOC Didn’t Tweet “To This Future President” On Her Birthday

Here’s one for the social media hall of shame. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted out a super syrupy happy birthday and thank you for a message to herself on her birthday Wednesday. Of course, this artifact of inveterate narcissism is now on the timeline.

Politicians like AOC have huge egos, but unlike actually productive members of society with incredible success stories, their egos are highly overrated and fragile because they know at heart that none of their accomplishments are theirs.

AOC and Hillary Clinton know their “leadership” is paid for with money captured from a populace that is afraid not to spend because if they don’t, they will be put in jail and relentlessly harassed and abused as the IRS did to Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes, DMX, and billionaire hedge fund manager Peter Schiff’s late father, Irwin Shiff. Peter ran for the U.S. Senate in the Connecticut GOP primary in 2010 but did not advance to the general election.

So they have to go to great lengths to assure themselves that they are tremendous and fearless, and powerful by congratulating and complimenting themselves every chance they get. One thing you’ll never hear a politician say is, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

But you will find all day, and every day hear them brag about their exaggerated and completely fabricated accomplishments, like being born. Congratulate your mother, Ocasio-Cortez. That was her accomplishment. And kudos to her for making a “choice” not to kill her baby.

Well, at least AOC didn’t append “to this future president” to her birthday auto-congratulations as Hillary Clinton did in October 2016, while not being a future president. How embarrassing!

But AOC did call herself a “fearless leader.” Way to pay yourself a compliment, girlfriend.

And showing up “every single day” seems like a bit of a stretch. She hasn’t shown up so hard for the kids in cages at the border since Joe Biden took office as she made crying crocodile tears for the photo ops while Donald Trump was president. It seems kind of partisan.

Since the superstar millennial delegate from New York City has put the spotlight on her birthday, I’ve taken the liberty of looking up the personality traits of Libras, born on Oct 13, and the results sounded about right. Libras tend to be: superficial, detached, indecisive, and self-pitying. That sounds precisely like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Maybe there’s something to all this fortune cookie, tarot card reading stuff after all.

Also, it is rather unfortunate for AOC. She is notorious for her intransigent ignorance, irrationality, and inability to think clearly, which she was born on National Train Your Brain Day. The National Day Calendar website recommends activities for Oct 13 that include doing a crossword puzzle or other word game.

It’s a 12-letter word that starts with “C,” congresswoman, and it’s the reason why most of what you are trying to do in Congress every day is illegal and antithetical to the values of this great nation. Yes, it’s the United States’ “Constitution.” Please download Audible or something so you’ll read it.