Authorities Suggest ‘The Army’ Is Needed To ‘Stop’ Ottawa Truckers Protest

In one of the most obvious, ‘we are in over our heads’ moves of all time, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly claimed the trucker protest that was paralyzing his city was no longer a policing matter and was more of a national issue. He hinted that it would be ideal if the military could be summoned and employed against Canadian citizens.

The protestors are staging a sit-in, albeit with giant trucks, but a sit-in, nonetheless. It should be mentioned that military personnel are taught to destroy things. What it is not trained to do is to de-escalate situations that involve peaceful protestors. It is an ominous suggestion and a terrible idea with dubious legality.

Perhaps one of the reasons that the Police Chief is frustrated is that the towing companies in the area refuse to assist the police in removing the trucks due to a sudden ‘COVID Outbreak.’ The cascading effects of this protest are amazing to see. Most people do not realize that it takes a small number of people to protest to cause significant repercussions in the entire system. Western countries have very developed and complicated economies that run almost exclusively on participants’ compliance.

If everyone suddenly said ‘no,’ the government would be unable to jail everyone. Regardless of the co-opted media trying to paint the truckers anti-vaccine, this protest is about freedom. Does the government have the ability to compel you to submit to a medical procedure against your will? Do we value the dignity of individual choice, or are we willing to sacrifice people, and our children, on the altar of collectivism? The truckers choose the dignity of choice.

What do the collectivists do when they face non-compliance? They do what authoritarians have always done throughout history. Instead of winning in the marketplace of ideas, they turn to force. They call in the army.

Let us hope that if that comes to pass, there is a sudden outbreak of COVID among the soldiers called upon to enforce the edicts of tyrants.