Backlash Mounts As Katy Perry Collaborates With Controversial Producer Dr. Luke

Katy Perry is facing significant backlash after it was revealed that her new single, “Woman’s World” was co-produced by Dr. Luke, a music producer who has faced serious sexual misconduct allegations.

Set for release on July 11, “Woman’s World” sparked controversy even before its debut when Perry shared a preview on social media. The song’s empowering lyrics, “It’s a woman’s world and you’re lucky to be living in it,” have been overshadowed by the involvement of Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald.

Dr. Luke was accused by pop star Kesha in 2014 of drugging and raping her, as well as subjecting her to psychological abuse, including derogatory comments about her voice and appearance. Although Dr. Luke denied the allegations, the legal battle between him and Kesha lasted for years, eventually concluding last year.

The controversy intensified after Rolling Stone reported that Dr. Luke was one of the producers on Perry’s forthcoming album, which includes “Woman’s World.” Feminist circles and fans were quick to express their disappointment and anger, accusing Perry of hypocrisy for collaborating with Dr. Luke while promoting a message of female empowerment.

Kesha added to the controversy with a cryptic post on X, interpreted by many as a comment on Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke. This post has fueled the backlash, with fans taking to social media to criticize Perry for her decision.

The uproar underscores the ongoing debate within the music industry over accountability and the implications of working with individuals accused of serious misconduct. Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke has put her at odds with many who feel that her actions are inconsistent with the feminist values she seeks to represent.