Barack Obama Paved The Way For Kamala Harris As A ‘White House Social Justice Warrior’

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty and acquitted on all five counts of murder in Kenosha, WI. American patriots are thrilled to learn that a jury of their peers made the correct decision, despite all of their pressure.

Numerous leftists in the media are disillusioned. The fact that our country has devolved to the point where a 17-year-old feels the need to protect our cities is lost on them.

VP Kamala Harris took to Twitter to offer her nonsensical ideas. She has been taught by Obama how to use the bully pulpit of Twitter to push the country toward social justice rather than true justice. Obama said at Roanoke, VA in 2012, “When you are president, your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot.” He often held that he wanted to make sure that “nobody is left behind.” That sounds good until you realize that politicians become the arbiter of justice to implement fairness and avoid partiality.

She should appreciate the fact that the decision this jury delivered was well thought through. Every one of the relevant laws and all the evidence available was considered. Following three days of deliberation, they reached the proper conclusion.

It is never enough for Harris and social justice warriors (SJW) to allow justice to be done. Harris uses racially-charged SJW terminology to voice her disappointment with equity in America’s courts.

Communists who promise to enforce charity and compassion at the point of a gun wreck the basis of virtues, and the state becomes the agent of coercive actions designed to force compliance with an ever-tightening and amorphous definition of justice.

Kamala Harris is a previous District Attorney and Attorney General of California. You would think that she has some legal knowledge and understanding as the current VP of the US spouting off about equality under the law for all Americans.

She only loves verdicts that match her worldview.

Americans must live in reality. Liberals like Harris live in a make-believe world that needs a new civil rights movement to enact desperately needed social justice reforms.

Liberals believe that social justice does not exist. Rather than seeking the equality of opportunity, she wants the equality of results. Criminal reform and social justice are an equity framework that excuses people like Jacob Blake and condemns people like Kyle Rittenhouse.

Leftists see everything from the perspective of race. SJW policies mean that many crimes shouldn’t be genuine violations. If an individual suffered abuse at the hands of a bigoted and systematically racist institution, then they should be able to commit crimes.

Harris does not want Kyle Rittenhouse to be innocent of blame because he is white. She wants a one-sided legal system that prosecutes certain people without evidence and arguments offered in their defense. That is the definition of a Kangaroo Court. Harris and the media cry about bigotry while justice is done.