Beijing Olympics Act As ‘Coronation’ Of Xi Jinping And ‘Confirmation’ Of A Russian Alliance

When you thought that the Winter Olympics could not get any worse for the west, they did. We are not talking about the medal count. No, the games just started. We are talking about how the Beijing Olympics are propaganda and geopolitical victory for China.

Xi Jinping has been solidifying his power of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) without there conveniently being a clear succession plan. He has been installed as ruler for life. As a result, the Olympics are a coronation for the leader. Not one country in the entire world has held its athletes back in a boycott because of China’s human rights abuses. It is just one of many things the world community could condemn the host country. Instead, the world governments seem bent on falling over themselves to cow-tow to the CCP and Xi Jinping.

The Biden Administration has been spending most of its political capital focusing on the ‘crisis’ in Ukraine. There is a constant drumbeat of possible conflict with Russia from the State Department to the mainstream media. It appears no one wants to talk about China, with our leaders going as far as to tell our athletes not to criticize China for fear of retribution. If the plan has been to pull focus from China, somebody forgets to say the CCP.

Not content with focusing only on the games, Xi Jinping’s regime announced a de facto alliance with Russia, pledging mutual support with another leader for life, Putin. It is unclear what this would imply if Ukraine erupted and the US became embroiled in a proxy war with Russia. Would China send troops to Ukraine? Would the two countries be tempted to push farther west militarily? Whatever the answer, instead of the Olympics being business as usual, China has also used them as a jumping-off point for its regional strategy.

No matter how much the rest of the world has hoped China will liberalize and join the international community in economic peace, Xi Jinping has his agenda. Besides hosting the best games possible, that agenda also includes strengthening ties with a major geopolitical adversary of the United States. Only time will tell if these games have a long-term influence.