Beto Has Dug His Own Grave With New Fundraising Chief

For someone who aspires to be governor of Texas, Democrat Beto O’Rourke is not doing a very good job.

For one thing, he’s trailed Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) in each and every Texas poll that’s come out since the governor’s race started.

As it turns out, taking shots at Abbott on social media isn’t doing O’Rourke any favors with Texas voters. It’s also not stopping the Texas governor from having much more campaign cash on hand than his Democratic rival.

All in all, O’Rourke’s gubernatorial campaign is heading in the same direction as his senatorial and presidential campaigns. In fact, his new fundraising chief selection has definitely ensured this, as documented by Life Site News.

The Worst Choice Possible

As O’Rourke looks to raise more cash for his campaign, he’s selected former Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, as his fundraising chief. She made the announcement on Twitter, with O’Rourke joining in and tweeting out about how glad he is to have her.

Meanwhile, this is possibly one of the most divisive selections that the Texas Democrat could bring onto his team. It certainly won’t win him any votes with Christian conservatives or many other pro-life people who live in the Lone Star State.

Then, again, O’Rourke is the same candidate who promoted childhood transgenderism as well. This comes on top of his documented support for gun confiscations and repealing the constitutional carry law that Governor Abbott signed during his current term.

As the Texas Democrat supports one radical policy after the next, he also remains underwater with Independent Texas voters who overwhelmingly favor Abbott.

The Fundamental Flaw With O’Rourke’s Campaign Strategy

With the statements O’Rourke makes, the policies he supports, and the people he brings on board his campaign, one could easily think he’s running for governor of California, rather than for governor of Texas.

With Richards as his new fundraising chief, O’Rourke will win over or retain support from hard leftists, but he won’t win with Independents or Republicans.

The fundamental flaw with O’Rourke’s current strategy is his belief that his campaign can win with only left-wing voters. Since starting his run for Texas, O’Rourke hasn’t made one genuine attempt to reach anyone who is not radically left of center.

This is why Texans rejected O’Rourke back in 2018 when he ran to be a senator. It’s why he’ll be rejected yet again in November when Governor Abbott smoothly cruises to yet another term in the Texas governor’s mansion.