Biden Accuses Trump Of Calling Pelosi Attacker A ‘Patriot’

President Joe Biden once again sank to lying when he told a California crowd on Thursday that former President Donald Trump referred to people such as Paul Pelosi’s assailant as “patriots.”

Pelosi is recovering from being attacked in his home last week, allegedly by a radical nudist who is a Canadian illegal alien and is described by the mother of his two children as “mentally Ill.”

Biden began his unhinged diatribe by referring to the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol. He falsely claimed that two police officers died in the riot and didn’t stop there.

Referring to the assault on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, the president asked his audience “what do Trump and all his Trumpies call them?”

He answered his own question with “these are ‘patriots’”.

First of all, it has not been reported that Trump called Pelosi’s attacker a “patriot.” He did go on record calling the assault a “sad situation” and a “terrible thing” — hardly the same as labeling the psychotic assailant a “patriot.”

Further, Trump condemned violent protesters at the Capitol shortly after the incident.

The former president merely referred to many there who were not violent as “patriots.” He said that some got swept up in the protest.

In response to Biden’s verbal attack, Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich observed that the president “is clearly unwell.” He expressed hope that the nation’s downward course may be corrected “as a new wave of Trump-endorsed fighters are swept into office.”

Meanwhile, Biden was swift and unrelenting in his attempts to insert the Pelosi attack into the leadup to the midterm elections. He claimed that the violent incident was a direct result of Republican opposition to Democrats.

The president added that the elections are a “defining moment” when the nation can proclaim that it will not stand for “voter intimidation or political violence in America.”

Poll after poll shows that voters are not swayed by Democratic attempts to demonize the GOP over the deranged act of a psychotic man. Instead, voters are steadfastly concerned about inflation, the state of the economy, and the nation’s downward spiral under Democrats’ so-called “leadership.”