Biden Administration Quietly Shifting From ‘Media Panic’ To ‘Scientific Management’ Of COVID

Reporting for CNN Saturday, Kevin Liptak and Jeremy Diamond write:

“Joe Biden and his team have all but ruled out new lockdowns, and behind the scenes, administration officials have been debating how to shift public attention away from the total number of cases, which appears likely to rise, even if many are mild, and toward the number of severe infections, which are overloading health systems and disrupting normal life.”

It is the kind of scientific management that conservatives have talked about from the beginning. It’s good to hear rumors that the Biden Administration is starting to follow the science to its logical conclusion.

Canvassing for coronavirus as a society-wide campaign with extraordinary emergency steps taken by many offices throughout the government, fiscally and with civil liberties and the constitution, when focusing on solutions for severe cases of Covid would have not have overstrained hospital and government resources and the buckled the entire global economy, which is steadily but still staggering back from it, was your latest big government crusade conceived in a hysteria that never subsides and only grows more feverish as the campaign wears on, carried through and excused for irrationality after irrationality, monstrosity piled upon monstrosity, until finally the last greater fool holding this hot potato, embarrassed for everyone’s giant mess, pines for an exit strategy from one more big government crusade that ended up one more big government failure, as it was with that time our government took sides in a foreign civil war, as it was that time our government created subsidized low interest financing for a commodity to make it more affordable and the price kept going up until people were underwater on loans for assets they overpaid for dearly, as it was that time our government, as it was that time our government prohibited the trade in a commodity to make it unaffordable and the price kept going up until people were underwater in Mexico.

It was odd to see so many people writing that they were in quarantine to refer to the lockdowns made by general guidance and order with criminal penalties for violations. That word has always referred to keeping the sick and contagious apart from the rest of the population until they are no longer contagious, not confining the entire population to their homes under what municipalities called “shelter in place” orders. Rather than approach the problem of COVID-19 scientifically, government officials in a Pharisaical rush to outdo each other to be busy fighting coronavirus reacted against the middle, the fattest part of the normal distribution or bell curve distribution of the population, instead of focusing on the narrower area of outliers who are most vulnerable from the disease right now, and those who are potentially more susceptible to it because of another health condition.

They were freaking out the entire population, mobilizing them as if the country were at war that overstrained hospital resources. It nearly ran the world out of masks, so the Surgeon General had to tell a white lie that masks don’t spread coronavirus, or maybe that was the truth. The CDC infectious disease guy was lying about double masking just making common sense. If the two official sources contradict each other, and my content could get a strike if I disagree with one of them, which one should I say is wrong, YouTube?

The note at CNN states further:

“Some of Biden’s aides are urging the administration to start talking about how to live alongside a virus that shows no signs of going away, a potentially dramatic shift in rhetoric.”