Biden Admits Exhaustion Led To Near Sleep During Trump Debate

President Joe Biden admitted at a private fundraiser this week that he was so exhausted during his recent debate with former President Donald Trump that he almost fell asleep on stage — which could be an excuse for his excruciatingly poor performance. The admission comes as his administration attempts to project an image of energy and vitality amid calls for him to step down as the Democratic nominee.

Speaking to attendees for just six minutes, Biden explained, “I decided to travel around the world a couple of times… shortly before the debate… I didn’t listen to my staff… and then I almost fell asleep on stage,” according to the White House press pool. Despite this, Biden had been back in the U.S. for nearly two weeks before the debate, including a full week at Camp David, where he took daily naps and maintained a light schedule, as reported by The New York Times.

Biden apologized for his poor performance, insisting it was “critical” for him to win the election, and stated that his excuse was “not an excuse but an explanation.” However, his close associates have noticed increasing signs of confusion and listlessness, with such incidents becoming more frequent and pronounced.

The New York Times highlighted several embarrassing moments during Biden’s recent trips to Europe, including at the D-Day anniversary ceremony in France and the G7 Summit in Italy, which went viral on social media. Despite concerns, the White House has refused to allow Kevin C. O’Connor, the White House physician, to answer questions about Biden’s condition, denying the need for a re-evaluation for Parkinson’s disease or dementia.

Adding to the controversy, NBC News reported that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who has a history of legal issues and drug addiction, has been attending official White House meetings, raising further concerns within the administration.