Biden Aide Twists Himself Into A Pretzel To Defend Military Vaccine Mandate

In real-time, the United States military is struggling. Recruitment rates are down, as is morale amongst current servicemembers. As Biden’s inflation crisis hits the nation harder than ever, members of the Armed Forces are being told to get food stamps if their current salaries aren’t enough to get by on.

If there aren’t some serious changes made in the military, the fate of America’s national security will remain very much in question. That’s not a good thing, seeing as hostile, anti-West regimes are increasingly making threats and feeling emboldened.

Unfortunately, as all this plays out, the Biden administration is bound and determined to stand by an unscientific COVID-19 vaccine mandate that’s actually hurting the military.

National security aide John Kirby recently tried to defend this mandate, but it didn’t work out so well.

Kirby on the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for the Military
Despite this mandate causing the dismissals of good servicemembers, amid the military’s struggles to find new recruits, Kirby believes this mandate is a positive thing.

According to the national security aide, the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the Armed Forces is “valid.”

This was followed up by Kirby admitting the vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from getting the virus. The national security aide himself has been twice vaccinated, yet still came down with COVID-19 and suffered symptoms.

Kirby is far from an outlier in this regard, as other government officials who’ve been vaccinated on multiple occasions have still gotten sick.

While defending the vaccine mandate, Kirby failed to talk about its downfalls, the adverse impacts it’s having on the military, and how the mandate may further cripple the Armed Forces’ efforts to recruit new soldiers later down the line.

National Security vs. Biden’s Ego
Despite recently declaring the COVID-19 pandemic has come to an end, Joe Biden refuses to walk back this military vaccine mandate.

Critics of the president (and the mandate) have warned his refusal is more about power and ego, rather than about keeping people safe. Meanwhile, various branches of the military continue to get watered down and miss their recruitment goals by the tens of thousands.

Proponents of COVID-19 vaccine mandates have long claimed these mandates are about safety and the common welfare.

This argument might hold more water if the COVID-19 vaccines were actually able to prevent people from getting sick, experiencing symptoms, or passing the virus on to others.

Kirby’s latest comments have only led to more calls for Biden to end this mandate and stop his assaults on the military.