Biden And Democrats In Enormous Inconvenience With Americans

Earlier this year, President Biden and the Democrat Party gained control of the federal government. Yet, despite this, the left’s lust for power only increased to new heights.

Taking control of the White House and Congress did not calm the left. It made them more eager to seize even more authority. It is why Democrats made it their mission to shut Republican lawmakers out of policy-making decisions. 

It’s also why Biden and Democrats in Congress support stacking the Supreme Court and granting Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia statehood. Somewhere along the way, Democrats forget they are supposed to be serving the American public rather than the other way around. 

Now, WND reports Americans are increasingly disapproving of the plan the left is trying to pass through Congress. 

This latest break is not good news for Biden or Democrats at all. In the president’s case, his approval rating continues to decline with every new survey. However, Democrats working on getting a social spending bill through Congress are also running into some snags of their own. 

As it turns out, 34% of Americans believe the spending bill of Democrats would bring harm to the nation. Meanwhile, another 34% stated the Democrats’ spending legislation would help America. It left a little over two in ten Americans saying they were altogether unsure about this bill’s impacts on the economy. 

These details are well-documented in a poll run by ABC News/Ipsos. The numbers clearly show Democrats do not have strong support for the bills they want to be passed into law, despite what the White House tells the country. 

Democrats have terrorized the country with medical mandates, employment threats, a supply chain crisis, inflation, and many other issues. Meanwhile, when President Biden is questioned about these matters, he either yells at reporters or insults the intelligence of American voters. 

Democrats may be having a good time right now. However, the midterms are one year away. Democrats who have not already decided to step down or seek elected office elsewhere will primarily find themselves being voted out and replaced by Republicans.

The outcome of the Virginia gubernatorial election proved as much. The reality that approval ratings for Biden are dismally low in key states that will determine Senate races also speaks volumes. 

Without reinforcements in Congress after the 2022 midterms, Biden’s presidency will be unofficially over.