Biden Asking Congress To Fund New COVID-19 Vaccines

It appears that COVID-19 is back on the horizon. On Aug. 25, 2023, President Biden asked Congress for additional funding for the creation of a new vaccine for the pandemic. The announcement came as Biden was on vacation in Lake Tahoe, California.

“I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works,” Biden said, as reported by The Hill, adding, “It will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax, the companies who were largely responsible for the initial COVID-19 vaccine in 2020, are now working on the development of a new vaccine to combat the latest wave of omicron as some scientists enter panic mode over the recent rise in COVID-19 cases across the U.S., as reported by the Daily Wire.

Omicron, a strain of the pandemic, reportedly put over $15,000 in the hospital in January 2022. The strain accounted for less than 5% of new infections in recent weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The sudden rise in COVID-19 cases has also brought back the hysteria we all thought was long gone. Recently, Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, reimplemented mask mandates, despite there being zero COVID-19 cases in the area. Like the university, Hollywood’s Lionsgate film studio in California reinstated mask mandates for all its employees.

Lionsgate will have a “building entry policy” requiring all employees “to perform a daily self-screening prior to coming to the office each day.”

The Biden administration is also encouraging all Americans to receive the new COVID-19 vaccines once they are ready, which the administration hopes, is by September 2023. The shots would still need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CDC.

“Vaccination is going to continue to be key this year because immunity wanes and because the COVID-19 virus continues to change,” a Biden administration official said on a call with reporters, according to U.S. News. “For those reasons, vaccines remain the best protection against hospitalization and death.”