Biden Calls on Obama to Save Him

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden repeatedly invoked Obama’s name when he came under fire during the Democratic primary. Biden invoked Obama’s name on such a regular basis that then-opponent Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) called Biden out for using the former president as a shield to criticism and a substitute for personal accomplishment.

Fast forward to present day, and Biden’s time in the White House has been nothing more than an outright disaster. According to PJ Media, just as Biden did during the last election season, he is once again begging his former boss to save him.

Obama’s Visit to the White House

This week, former President Obama visited the White House as a means of celebrating the left’s Affordable Care Act victory.

Despite the name of this law, the Affordable Care Act has turned out to be quite unaffordable for much of the country. This is why former President Trump fought so hard against it when he was in the White House.

Nevertheless, Obama’s visit to the White House is not a coincidence. This comes at a time when Biden’s disapproval rating is at roughly 55%.

At the rate things are looking for Biden, not even Obama will be able to save the Democratic Party from getting steamrolled in the November midterm elections.

Despite the White House’s best efforts, Obama’s visit doesn’t change the fact that gas prices and interest rates are at alarming highs. The former president’s time in the White House also doesn’t change the reality that the southern border is being overrun with illegal crossings, crime is up across the country and inflation is destroying the middle class.

Some Deeper Truths About the Obama-Biden Relationship

If former President Obama was truly a friend to Biden, he would tell Biden that his policies aren’t doing the Democrat Party any favors.

Then again, during the 2020 presidential election, Obama waited until the 11th hour before actually giving his endorsement to his former right-hand man. There were even rumors of the 44th president telling Biden that running for the Oval Office wasn’t something he needed to do.

Biden could have Obama visit the White House every single day for the rest of his term, but it still would not erase the problems facing the average American.