Biden Charges ‘MAGA Crowd’ is Most Extreme Political Group in Recent History

President Joe Biden supercharged the breathless rhetoric of the week on Wednesday when he accused the “MAGA crowd” of being the “most extreme political organization” of recent times.

He first said “history” before adding “recent” to the charge.

The president hardly stopped there as he rolled out a list of court decisions and general policies that the dreaded Republicans are coming for. Among the boogeymen he paraded is that the GOP could ban LGBT children from classrooms if Roe v. Wade is axed. Biden literally created a scenario where a state decided that kids “who are LGBTQ” cannot sit in the same classrooms as other children.


This continues the radical leftist pattern of attaching a name to something and repeating it enough to where their followers believe it without question. “Don’t Say Gay” is a glaring example of this political outrage bait-and-switch.

He even trotted out the 1965 Supreme Court decision in Griswold v. Connecticut that torpedoed a state law banning contraceptive use by married couples. These are potentially part of what Biden called the “ultra-MAGA agenda.”

Then, in a startling display of conservatism that would make the MAGA crowd proud, Biden declared that people have rights “not because the government gave them” but “because I’m a child of God.” A Democratic president afraid of the federal government being in charge of your rights? The fallback position of the left is that rights descend directly from the federal government.

The dramatic shift in tone is undoubtedly due to polls such as last month’s Washington Post-ABC News survey that found Americans believe in Republicans for economic issues by nearly 20% over Democrats. The same poll found only 28% of Americans approve of Biden’s stewardship in fighting inflation compared to a whopping 68% who disapprove.

In just a couple of days it is apparent that Democrats believe the Monday revelation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft is the get-out-of-jail ticket they desperately need. Biden’s approval ratings have sunk into the 30s, and inflation is chewing up paychecks faster than a $15 minimum wage can increase them.