Biden Claims That Critics Of Bail Reforms Are Over-Exaggerating Its Negative Impact

On Friday, President Joe Biden spoke to the press about public safety where he said that the people criticizing the bail reforms are only looking at the negative side of the reform and over-exaggerating their claims.

Biden’s statement came in response to the concerns of critics who believe that released criminals commit the same or similar offenses shortly after being let go.

Biden stated that the negative aspects of the reform are highly overrated. He added that many people are unable to make bail because they’re poor, which is why it should rather depend on the severity of the crime the person is accused of.

Contrary to popular belief, Biden also claimed that the leniency of progressive prosecutors does not increase the crime rate.

Many progressive attorneys in major cities, like San Francisco and Los Angeles, have been receiving backlash for handing out reduced sentences in the last year. Many people believe that a new wave of relaxed law enforcement is taking over the cities and increasing the crime rate.

In 2021, National Review reported about the bail reform efforts in Houston. The report cited a district attorney’s analysis, according to which the bail reform allowed criminals, accused of petty crimes, to get out of jail without the need of posting a cash bond.

Biden also reiterated his claim that the GOP had voted to defund the police when trying to reject the American Rescue Plan, which was put forward by the Democrats in March. Although Biden’s claim has been debunked, he argued that not a single Republican member of Congress voted for the plan.

Talks about defunding the police were actually initiated by several Democrats who tried to convince people that they are redefining policing and moving to a community-based approach, like rehabilitation of offenders, to tackle crime.

According to the New York Post, prior to Biden’s speech, an official from the current administration informed them that Congressional members of the GOP unanimously voted against the $10 billion plan that is currently helping more than 300 communities become safer.

Biden also emphasized that the localities should spend the money to help police departments and invest in community violence prevention programs as well — somebody’s handler has been reading the polls.