Biden Coughs Through A COVID Speech, But The Liberal Media Says ‘He Is Fine’

These Democrats are ridiculous and making a joke of our nation. The media and liberals wheel out Joe Biden to give us some reassuring remarks about COVID-19 and wag his finger in the faces of those people who want to make their own decisions about their health. But this last attempt at using the bully pulpit was terrible. He was hacking up a lung the whole time and looked feeble. It is not the way to project strength to the world.

But the pain does not stop there. After Biden’s presser, the White House Press Secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki told the White House Press Corps that he was “asymptomatic.” Hey Jen, coughing is a symptom of COVID-19 along with other flu-like symptoms. Maybe you should get him checked out and jab him one more time to be sure. Hey, if three boosters are good, then four is excellent, right?

Biden has contacted a staff member who tested positive for COVID. But Biden proceeded with his standard but a limited slate of meetings and speeches. He did get one negative test, but that could have been a false negative or just before the entire infection.

Psaki insisted that he was asymptomatic and that she hung out with him for a few hours toward the beginning of the day. He is feeling incredible. Many people think Biden was positive since you, as a rule, don’t utilize the expression “asymptomatic” except if the individual is positive. But the Circle Back queen of public lectures, Psaki demanded that the press report fine. No problems. And nothing to see here.

In addition, the anti-President Joe Biden didn’t stick to his guidelines. He wants kids and employees to wear masks everywhere they go, but he was not wearing them during his talk and left the room. It’s possible that Biden was spreading germs throughout the White House. For somebody who is “asymptomatic,” he was coughing significantly more than expected for someone who just had a tickle in his throat or swallowed wrongly.

Biden then said he planned to give away one-half billion (that’s 500,000,000) free home tests if you will pass his bill, bankrupting the economy. Now he’s holding America hostage unless Congress and specifically Joe Manchin vote for his Breaking Bad Better plan. Even the White House Twitter account could not get the numbers right. He became violent when discussing costs for insulin which should be included in his plan. It sounds like diabetics will be left out again so Democrats can continue to bilk the taxpayers who get nothing in return.

Biden often comments on how he should not give public interviews. It is as if he’s given the hook quickly after his coughing routine. Maybe he prefers the scripted liberal media fake interviews to fundamental questions that make him think on the spot. He took a couple of inquiries but messed it up.

Journalist Yamiche Alcindor asked him why it had taken this long to get the tests together. Donald Trump was pushing for a faster response in 2020. Her question indicated that many people believe that tests are essential now. But fourteen days ago, Circle Back Jen Psaki ridiculed the idea of sending testing kits to American homes. She must have missed the meeting where they discussed this program rollout.

The White House needs a win to claim that they have accomplished something this year to halt the spread of COVID-19 because they have done nothing as the omicron variant spreads across this nation like bad flu (but they tell us it is very different than a cold).