Biden Election Takeover Recognized by Republican Secretaries

Fifteen different Republican Secretaries of State noticed something in EO 14019 and wrote a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday. The executive order plans to expand voting rights.

The Federalist reported that the Biden administration’s EO 14019 also wants to expand citizens’ voting rights. Many different government agencies have spoken out about the problems. The Department of Labor and the Department of Housing and Urban Development is already transforming into new places that will allow voter rights to be extended. These are called “voter registration agencies.”

Congressional Republicans reported few findings with the order, and it’s because their requests for the documents detailing the EO have been ignored by various state officials.

But, the Secretary of State in West Virginia, Mac Warner, wrote a letter and had 13 other Republican secretaries sign on. The letter demanded that Biden relinquish his role in the takeover of the elections. What the Biden administration has done with this order undermines the Constitution, and these Republicans are seeking to right that wrong.

The main focus of the letter rests on Congress possessing the right to change the way elections are run, not the executive branch.

The letter reads, “the Constitution clearly says the state legislatures shall prescribe the way elections are run, and that if any adjustments need to be made, such adjustments are the province of Congress, not the Executive branch.”

It goes on to say, “Executive Order 14019 calls for federal agencies to develop plans that duplicate voter registration efforts conducted at the state level and ignores codified procedures and programs in our state constitutions and laws.”

The Center for Renewing America President Russell Vought felt like more work was necessary on that matter. He, along with the Foundation for Government Accountability President Tarren Bragdon, told states that were resisting Biden’s executive order to ignore federal guidance and pass new legislation. These new pieces of legislation would prevent state agencies from morphing into something they were not intended to be, and protect the sanctity of the Constitution.