Biden Fumbles Through Speech Before Threatening Amazon

President Joe Biden can’t keep threatening businesses. In his latest effort to cave to the woke Bernie Sanders crowd, Biden threatened to go after corporations while speaking at the national conference of North America’s Building Trades Union. He zeroed in on Amazon as he meandered through his clumsy speech.

Biden threatened Amazon while speaking about “union partnerships that allow you to earn while you learn.” Unions aren’t the only business entities that utilize this type of structure. When unions aren’t formed in a region, trade jobs often train apprentices while they work alongside other employees and pay them to attend classes to earn certifications.

Still, Biden got roaring applause when he said, “To make sure the choice to join a union belongs to the workers alone.” Yes, workers have the right to opt out, but it’s not that simple. Employees are held back if they don’t join a union because “the contracts between the employer and the union – require a company to employ only union workers to do certain jobs.”

Biden ended the statement by saying, “And by the way; Amazon, here we come.”

Going after Amazon isn’t going to be very well received by everyone, even if the unions cheered. Amazon provides jobs and services across the country and a marketplace that’s unmatched. The innovation that Amazon has brought can’t be taken lightly, and Biden will be making a huge mistake if he tries to go after Amazon.

Biden went on to explain that gas prices went up when he was young. But that’s just not true. Biden was born in 1942 so Biden’s childhood would have roughly been from 1952-1960. During that time period, the average price of gas went from 27 cents per gallon to 31 cents per gallon. In what world is that a jump in prices?

The claim that taxes aren’t going to rise on anyone making less than $400,000 a year was once again brought up. It’s obviously a lie. Americans are paying hundreds of dollars more per month now than before Biden took office.

The hardest thing to hear, though, is when Biden said, “To try to unify the country, that’s been the hardest thing so far. Not a joke… You ultimately have to unify, as angry as I sometimes get.”

Biden has done nothing to unify the country. The Covid-19 vaccine has caused more division than there ever was before, especially when the federal government was trying to force employers to fire their employees if they weren’t vaccinated. Biden has called Kyle Rittenhouse a White supremacist and compared Republicans to Bull Connor.