Biden Gets Roasted On Twitter for Cringe-Inducing Post

The propaganda surrounding the COVID vaccine is at an all-time high right now. The medical establishment and its allies are dead set on railroading folks into taking this vaccine. These people have no issues with pushing and supporting vaccine mandates left and right. 

Each person deserves to make an informed decision regarding any medical choice, including whether or not to get inoculated against COVID. However, big pharma and crew are even opposing that. 

They act like this vaccine can do no wrong. Despite countless reports of adverse side effects following COVID vaccination, the media claims this vaccine is all good, and everyone should take it. 

Following the FDA’s recent approval of the COVID vaccine for children, the shift has now moved towards getting shots in kids’ arms. It is why the people behind Bird Bird had the giant puppet say he’s now vaccinated. 

As noted by Twitchy, President Biden’s Twitter post to Big Bird regarding getting vaccinated has the nation cringing.

The Big Bird account tweeted out he got his COVID vaccine and therefore enjoyed a “protective boost.” It has since gotten backlash, as many folks are unhappy about the transparent propaganda targeted towards children. 

Biden, on the other hand, absolutely loves it. Using his official POTUS account, the president tweeted out to congratulate Big Bird. Biden even declared COVID vaccination is a terrific way for Big Bird to contribute to the safety of his community. 

There’s just one slight issue with this, however. Big Bird is not absolute. He’s a fictional character. Twitter users, therefore, roasted Biden, declaring it silly that he fails to realize Big Bird isn’t real. 

Others noted that with Biden setting a new milestone of a dismal 38% approval rating, he should be focused on things other than tweeting at fictional puppet characters. 

Over the past few weeks, Biden’s engaged in several behaviors that indicate his mental state could be regressing. During Biden’s visit with the Pope, rumors quickly spread in Rome that he had a bathroom accident and changed pants. 

Furthermore, the president has repeatedly flip-flopped on whether or not he plans to pay money to illegal immigrants. At the same time, Biden is mulling over destroying another of America’s critical pipelines as gas and energy prices soar through the roof. 

Time and time again, this president indicates to America that he isn’t all the way there mentally. This latest fiasco with Big Bird on Twitter proves it.